We design leather bags of leather accessories that perfectly fills the gap between functionality & beauty.

About Us

We'll do our best to cater to your every need in a way that's both sophisticated and sumptuous.

We've been the most trusted source for premium leather items around the globe for the better part of a decade.

We encourage sustainable, low-impact lifestyles and slow-fashion trends. Our entire leather collection is hand-stitched in addition to being hand-crafted.

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The Women
Empowerment Goal

We make it our mission to find work for every single woman who is looking for it. Increasing women's agency is one of our primary goals as a company. By offering them jobs in our manufacturing facility, we endeavour to move closer to realizing our objective.

The quality of our bags is improved because of their excellent stitching abilities. We encourage them further to come up with fresh designs, which in turn motivates them to give in their input, which in turn helps us come up with original designs for our consumers. Because we want our employees to feel like they are a part of everything that goes on in the firm, we encourage them to contribute original concepts to the marketing we do.


We are the leading provider of hand-made leathers on a global scale. We place a strong emphasis on the personal and professional growth of each and every employee who works for us. We are quite proud of the fact that we were able to teach hitherto untrained local individuals how to become skilled leather artisans.

We are the first generation of our family to run this company, and we built it from the ground up ourselves. We have been in the bag manufacturing business for the past ten years.


Eco Friendly!

We produce leather that isn't harmful to the surrounding ecosystem in any way. To accomplish this goal, it is not necessary to irrigate the same quantity of land or to use the same types of tanning chemicals as before.

Therefore, eco-leather becomes a more sustainable material.

In addition, conventional leather production, which takes place on farms and results in the emission of significant quantities of greenhouse gases, does not have the same impacts as environmentally friendly leather production.


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